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Whales on Wheels (WoW) – GUV  and UVMCC

As shown here, there were three names for Ultra Van Club’s newsletters and here is that story:

UVMCC newsletters started as “Ultra Club News”, “Club News”, “Club Bulletin”, etc. But it wasn’t too long before they were just sent out without any title. In 1995, Jim Howell took over the UVMCC club’s newsletter. In 1999 he went from quarterly to bimonthly, and then in 2000 he converted it to the “Ultra sounder”. By 2004, he went back to quarterly. When the clubs merged (see Group Ultra Van (GUV) below), he was ready to retire. The Ultra sounder name was retired with him.

Group Ultra Van (GUV) (story here) became a separate club in 1982 and published a newsletter titled “Whales on Wheels (WoW)”. The last GUV WoW was Oct 2005 when GUV merged with UVMCC. Jim Isbell was GUV WoW editor at the time of the merger and continued publishing WOW under the combined organization. The first UVMCC WoW was Jan 2006.

UVMCC Whales on Wheels (WoW)

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WoW Newsletter
Golden Quill Award

Old Cars Golden Quill Award

2021 – Editor, Molly Bacon

2022 – Editor, Molly Bacon

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CORSA Chapter Newsletter Award

2019 – 3rd Place – Editor, Molly Bacon

2014 – 3rd Place – Editor,  Brenda Standal

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WOW 2025-2020

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Group Ultra Van Whales on Wheels (WoW)

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Golden Quill Award Certificate image

Golden Quill Award awarded by Old Cars Weekly

1995, 1997 & 1999 - Editor, W. Christy Barden


Ultra Soounder
Golden Quill Award UltraSounder 2003

Golden Quill Award awarded by Old Cars Weekly

2003 - Editor, Jim Howell


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