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This is a listing of Ultra Van, Travalon, Ultra Coach, and Tiara motor homes that have recently been offered for sale. It is a free service provided by the Ultra Van Motor Coach Club (UVMCC). Listings will be added, removed, or revised whenever new information becomes available. Many of these listings have been collected from Whales on Wheels (the UVMCC newsletter), eBaycraigslist, and other online sources, but the most valuable information comes from the interested public. If you know of any Ultra Van or Tiara that might be available for sale, or is just sitting somewhere looking forlorn, please let us know with the Contact Us link. Note that these motor homes were manufactured between 1960 and 1973, and like any 50-60 year old vehicle will vary widely in condition and configuration.


The UVMCC and its webmasters make no warranty or assurance of accuracy for any claims listed on these pages. The UVMCC and its webmasters assume no responsibility in any way for any disappointments encountered by anyone as a result of following leads on this site. Listings or links on or from this site should not be construed as endorsements in any way. Caveat Emptor! Final determination of condition, price, location, validity of title or ownership, fitness for intended use, or even actual existence rests solely with the seller and the prospective buyer. Contact the seller for better estimate, evaluate the vehicle in person, and check for clear title before committing any funds to ANY purchase of ANY vehicle at ANY time! Decisions on viewing trips should be made on the basis of contact with the seller.

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1967 Ultra Van #256 – $9900

Ontario, Canada

*Delivery Available*

Corvair engine

January14, 2021


Parting Out Coach #322 – $1,000

Duluth, MN
Parting out damaged coach
Corvair 140 hp engine
White interior

August 13, 2017


1968 Ultra Van #350 – $14,500

Monteagle, TN

Corvair engine
Ready to roll!
Roof air conditioner
Many spares including complete drive train, windshields

August 11, 2016

1968 Ultra Van #362 – $9995

Ontario, Canada

*Delivery Available*

Corvair engine


January 14, 2021

391 side

1968 Ultra Van #391 – $35,000

Jackson, MI

Corvair 110 hp engine
New paint
Roof air conditioner
Ready to roll!

January 21, 2014

1969 Ultra Van #407 – $1,000

Pensacola, FL


No drive train

Interior is gutted


August 12, 2020

Whale for sale

1969 Ultra Van #463 – Price TBD

Lemon Grove, CA

110 Powerglide, extremely original, rebuilt rear suspension, differential, heads, needs paint, carpet, windshield center glass. Everything worked when parked 20 years ago.

Details and pictures, if interested.

March 22, 2020

Whale for sale

Ultra Van #495 – Price TBD

Florence, AZ


July 20, 2020


1970 Ultra Van #522 – Make Offer!!

St Paul, MN

Chevy V8 engine
Some assembly required

June 5, 2019

Ultra Van nameplate image