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All About UVMCC

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Ultra Van Motor Coach Club

CORSA Chapter 008

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Where are our members?

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Ultra Van Motor Coach Club (UVMCC) has continued from its founding in 1966 until the present

In 1982, a separate club was also formed, Group Ultra Van (GUV) Group Ultra Van logo 

Read about GUV here

GUV and UVMCC merged at the 2005 National Rally 

Current Club Officers

President: Pat Jennings                                                                           Vice President: Eric Kirven
Secretary: Molly Bacon                                                                            Treasurer: Molly Bacon
Eastern Director: Owen Strawn                                                                Central Director: Jerry Kramer
Western Director: Chuck Hanson                                                             Newsletter Editor: Molly Bacon
Technical Coordinator: Chris Brown                                                         Webmaster: Molly Bacon
Historian: Owen Strawn   


Dues are $10.00 a year ($5.00 for the first year if paid after July 1) for an emailed copy of the quarterly Whales On Wheels (WOW) newsletter, or $25.00 a year ($12.50 for the first year if paid after July 1) for a hard copy mailed newsletter. 

Members will also receive membership cards Membership Cardand a copy of the club roster. The club roster is in PDF form for an emailed newsletter membership and a printed club roster booklet is for mailed newsletter memberships. Additional printed club roster booklets are available in the Merchandise Shop.

To join, either complete and submit the online form below or open, print, and complete the membership form (link to the right) and either email to UVMCC Secretary or send to: UVMCC, 5425 Morrow Rd., Gladwin, MI 48624