1968 Ultra Van #362 For Sale

Seller: Tony Shipman
Location: Ontario, Canada

* Delivery Available *
Phone : 613-925-1088

1968 Ultra Van #362 (Ontario, Canada) - $9995 USD

1968 Corvair Ultra Van #362 – $9,995 USD  (Ontario Canada)

Ultra Van #362 has the white interior with a bookshelf under the large window and a pole lamp. Windshields have cloudy edges but should be okay to use.

I will buy and replace the master cylinder, wheel cylinders, brake hoses, brakes, shocks, half shaft u-joints. I will install a used power-plant (including rebuilt carbs) in the coach, change all fluids and filters and get it running before it is delivered.

Comes with Clear Title.

Running with used power-plant, Sold as is.. $9,995 (USD)

Option: An extra power-plant is available for rebuilding.

As with any 50-year-old vehicle, I recommend that you get a licensed shop to look it over and inspect everything before putting this vehicle on the road.

* Delivery is available, in the contiguous states and parts of Canada, price TBD
Can also provide additional mechanical work, price TBD.

This page last updated January 12, 2021