As everyone should know, there is NO longer a source for windshield glass that will work on Ultra Vans (not Tiaras), but the club has found a company willing to custom make them in bulk lots.

Please note: to keep the dollar amount quoted below, UVMCC has to purchase a minimum of 40 windshield glass pieces (passenger or driver side) by May 1. This order must be placed and paid for all at once. UVMCC does not have this upfront money in their treasury, so buyers must commit and immediately pay for their order for the windshields and applicable crating. All  money from buyers will be kept in UVMCC’s financial accounts (PNC Bank or PayPal) and will be refunded if the order cannot be completed.

The highlighted quote below does not have shipping included, which is a variable. Either you can arrange shipping or pick up yourself from Pompano Beach, FL or you can let the glass company arrange shipping for you. You will be able to indicate your shipping/pickup selection on the Commitment Form. This cost will also vary depending on where the order is being shipped to or picked up and how many windshield pieces are purchased. Unfortunately, until the windshields are made and crated, there are no exact weights or crate dimensions or costs.

Using some size and weight estimates from the glass company, below is a ballpark idea of possible shipping. Consider using the “Buddy System” and ordering with a friend or friends and have the orders shipped to a single address to save on shipping and crating fees.

These shipping prices are just examples of the least expensive shipping charge approximations calculated through the UPS freight calculator for two pieces of windshield glass crated and shipped. Here are a few generic U.S. locations and with it shipped to a residence. Shipping to a business is about half, if you can arrange it. NE around $400, Central around $350, NW around $450, SoCal around $375, SE around $275. Again, these are approximations and can change at any time.

Unless you arrange your own shipping or pick up, you will be invoiced twice. First is the financial commitment for windshield glass pieces and applicable crating. Everyone must pay this invoice immediately before production can begin. If you select to have the company handle shipping,  after production and crating, your shipping fees will be invoiced and must be paid upon receipt of this invoice to have your order shipped.

NOTE: Keep in mind, there will be NO back stock available and the cost will be considerably higher for onesies and twosies ordered later through the glass company (approximately $2000.00 a windshield piece plus applicable crating and shipping).

Commit now!!

The club will be paying the $4500 mold fee.

All orders and initial payments are due by May 1. Order processing takes 6-8 weeks.

Here is some information on the glass: 5/16″ thick, clear annealed laminated safety glass, shape cut with seamed edges. The pieces will be formed to require a separate straight-edge center piece of about 28 1/4” wide. This piece is not included but can be obtained from a glass shop. (More detailed information available upon request)


Windshield glass – 1 piece (driver or passenger side)                       $  545

Crating, if applicable (1 to 10 pieces per crate)                                  $  410

This upfront invoice amount will vary by the number of pieces ordered and the type of shipping selected

Important: UVMCC must have your commitment and financial payment in advance to make sure the required minimum of 40 pieces is met.  If you wish to commit and be invoiced, please complete the online commitment form by clicking HERE or contact the UVMCC Secretary using the Contact Us form HERE

Deadline to order is May 1.


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