Windshield Commitment Form

The windshield pieces cannot be ordered until we have a minimum of 40 pieces with applicable crating paid in full. Then there will be a 6-8 week processing time.

Completing this form will serve as a financial commitment to purchase and pay the invoice cost for at least one windshield piece at $545 a piece, plus $410 crating, if applicable (up to 10 pieces per crate – ordering more than 10 windshields pieces will change the crating price).  This invoice will be due upon receipt, no exceptions.

If you chose to have the glass company ship your order, the shipping cost (to be calculated after production) will be invoiced when your order is ready to ship. It must also be paid immediately upon receipt.

After you complete this intent form you will be invoiced for the up front windshield pieces and applicable crating cost.

No orders will be shipped without full payment of both the windshield pieces, crating, and arranged shipping.

After the complete order is placed with the company, shortly after May 1, there will be a 6-8 weeks processing time. At that point, the glass will be custom made and if applicable, crated. If you chose to have the glass company arrange shipping, you will be invoiced for that shipping. These costs will need to be paid before your order is shipped. If you arrange shipping/pick up yourself, this must be completed within two weeks of production completion. 

All moneys paid will be held in the UMVCC financial accounts (either bank or PayPal). In case UVMCC is not able to complete the deal, you will be refunded your entire amount. 

Those adverse to completing online forms can use the Contact Us form HERE.

Commitment Information:

Deadline to order is May 1.

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