1970 Ultra Van #514 For Sale

Seller: David McAlexander
Location: Pasadena, Canada

Phone : 626-590-3348

Email: David_McAlexander@onebox.com

1970 Ultra Van #514 (Pasadena, California) - TBD

Not a current photo, but still very much like this

1970 Ultra Van #514 original V-8 coach– price TBD (Pasadena, California)

LOST STORAGE – forced to sell.

Ultra Van #514  good condition, drivable,  unrestored, rare coach.
It went to the UVMCC Rally at Bodega Bay, CA about 10 years ago, and is easy to recognize because of its two-tone yellow and green paint job modelled on the landmark Gamble House in Pasadena CA.

 It was known by and worked on by the famous Mr. Ryerson!!!:

1) It has the optional Chandelier 🙂    

The chandelier hangs from a hook structure and has a clever, small removeable power plug (2 small round 12v prongs, not an ordinary 120v plug) integrated into the base said hook structure, which looks so well integrated I thought it could be factory done, BUT when not in use it is stored inside a #10 tin coffee can (Folgers, from the late 1960’s) lined with the same insulating foam as the coach, so it may be owner-installed…

2) This V-8 has a stout factory-looking trailer hitch and can tow 3000lbs easily, in part because it has the giant rear disc brakes from the Corvette Rear End Assembly:

It was purchased to pull an autocross championship winning 914 2.0 to out-or-town races! Hate to touch an all-original coach. Plans were to pull the heavy propane tank, stove, etc. and replace with a portable Honda whisper-quiet generator, but never did.

3) It has a scoop and cold air duct to the carb. 

The Ryerson connection:

The prior owner was the second owner from the early seventies until me in 2005. He lived in Riverside, CA, and apparently was buddies with Ryerson!

I am told that my #514 has all the Ryerson recommended updates, and was the chassis that was used to test/tune his recommendations for the V-8s and was the guinea pig for same.

I have receipts for $4k in new brakes, new shocks, new hoses, belts, plugs tires, etc. that was invested by the previous owner’s family for a long trip in 2004 just before I got it, so it was ready to travel when I got it, and travel I did, up and down California, including the Grapevine.  But after a couple thousand miles, I parked it in 2014 and only started it up occasionally. But it is still in good shape, with good tires and will take very little to put back in service.

Please contact me for photos and more information.

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